From Dreamtime to Modern…

From Dreamtime to Modern was an afternoon celebrating Australia’s culture and rich soundscapes, at Rathmines Theatre on 23 October 2022.

The performance consisted of a smoking ceremony and indigenous dance performances by Gabinya Miyay Aboriginal Dance Group and Australian-themed compositions performed by Lake Macquarie Winds concert band.

Gabinya Miyay (Boy Girl) was founded by Randall Briggs to reinforce aboriginal culture and beliefs in indigenous young people, by enabling support moving from childhood to adult life. It focuses on maintaining traditional customs and storytelling through dance. They perform at a variety of events including sporting carnivals, conferences. and schools.

Lake Macquarie Winds Australian repertoire included:

  • Kurrajong by Australian composter Adrian Hallam. A suite evoking the natural landscape of the Kurrajong region, beginning with early morning on Bluebird Hill and moving through the sounds of Kurrajong village, a quiet reminiscence before a bushfire bursts through the stillness. A quieter section represents the ashes then a return to normal life and a quiet sunset.
  • Aurora Australis by Australian composer Martyn Hancock is a descriptive work portraying the wonder of the aurora light display visible in our southern latitudes.
  • Blue Lake Reflections by Ed Huckerby portraying the calm serenity of a beautiful lake such as ours
  • From Dawn to Dusk by Australian composer Graham LLoyd is a musical interlude depicting the early sunrise beachside merging with the hustle and bustle of the day, followed by the peace of sunset and nightfall
  • The Lord of the Rings arranged by Howard Shore is a soundscape conveying images of sweeping vistas and dramatic battles.